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Master's Computer Consulting, LLC

Master’s Computer Consulting , LLC is a small company whose focus is to make a difference for our clients by providing excellence in management consulting.  Our vision is to develop a network of extremely talented computer professionals with extensive experience.  MCC believes that this will allow us to provide you with both personal attention and the breadth of expertise you require.

Our senior managers are highly accomplished and results-driven QA management professionals with extensive record of resolving complex, high-profile challenges. Special expertise in building teams, developing solutions, and directing critical initiatives. Adept at working with senior management, business analysts, technical analysts, and developers. Able to lead all phases of System Development Life Cycles (SDLCs). Excellent troubleshooting skills.



• Project/Program
• Systems Testing
• Quality Assurance
• Application Systems Development
• Business Systems Re-engineering


• Operational Excellence
• Application Systems Architecture
• Process Optimization
• Data Warehouse (DW) Design
• Business Case Development
• Budget Management
• Leadership
• Solution Development
• Performance Tuning
• Data Mining
• Project Planning
• Cost Control
• Entrepreneurship
• Requirement Gathering
• Implementation Planning
• Management DW Reporting
• Project Communications
• Cost Benefit Analysis



  •      Provided leadership at senior management request to assist/mentor State Project Manager to identify and resolve gaps in 12M project with over 50 people; communicated project progress to senior management.

  •       Lead effort to develop business case and secure >$68M additional federal funding for Department of Child Support Enforcement.

  •      Developed Cost Allocation Methodology and assembled Cost Benefit analysis for 15 year 225M project for project with over 70 people.

  •      Conducted an enterprise wide Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) of Missouri's Department of Social Service Year 2000 effort (eight divisions 90 persons), and developed a Business Continuity plan using award winning Year 2000 Methodology personally written by Jonathan Hays. Health Care Financing Administration reviewed project prior to IV&V and after, Missouri's ranking improved on 28 positions out of 50 states

  •      Managed vendor relationships with offshore vendor resources working in the states.

  •      Managed seven person and eleven person teams successfully re-engineering a revolving lending system and a bank loan application system.

  •      Led ten person project team located in two different locations re-engineering all of large tire manufacturers financial systems over 9 months.



  •      Developed FAMIS Management Information System (FMIS) to track and communicate project progress for > 1000 components through the design, development, unit testing and implementation phases.

  •      Developed Award winning Year 2000 Methodology used by seven states to manage and track Year 2000 efforts.

  •      Identified $3.5M discrepancies across 6 Food Stamp systems supporting millions of payments and developed ongoing system to ensure monthly balancing.

  •      Reconciled 10 year $150M project budget.

  •      Developed reusable architectures saving time and cost for developing requirements specifications, developing extract applications and testing extracts.

  •      Developed automated and manual processes to review 1000+ existing legacy application system programs to identify interfaces and reports.  These were reviewed carefully with business owners to help determine inventory of requirements for new system.

  •      Tuned critical FAMIS extracts and reports saving over $150K a year.

  •      Reviewed Reporting specifications to make sure complete.

  •      Provided assistance to four other groups or divisions at the State of Missouri to help design accurate use of the DW repository.

  •      Identified FAMIS on-line system problems and in some instances federal system problems impacting extracts and reports.

  •       Revised Year 2000 Methodology to support full life cycle development.



  •       Reviewed Reauthorization of the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families October 2008 Final Rules and re-engineered the TANF Data Reporting over a six month time-frame. Developed additional Work Participation Reporting.

  •       Re-engineered the Eligibility Unit and Eligibility Unit Member extracts cutting costs by 50% and processing window from 24 hours to 6 hours.

  •      Developed a architectural framework for re-engineering a large bank Revolving Lending and Loan Application System.



  •      Provided senior testing Leadership coordinating testing between environments supporting multiple initiatives.

  •      Developed testing strategies.

  •      Developed test plans and test cases to validate interfaces and on-line transactions for Child Care, Food Stamps, Temporary Assistance, Family Medicaid Eligibility, and Adult Medicaid Eligibility releases of the Family Management Information System for the Department of Social Services at the State of Missouri.

  •      Determined primary problem for DW and reporting was extract accuracy.

  •      Developed new methods for validating every record and every field of an extract using a combination of mostly automated and some manual processes.  Would allow verification of 20,000+ records in less time than it would take to manually validate a small handful of records.

  •      Led a team of eight people for six months to re-engineer a 175,000 line revolving lending system achieving a zero defect objective.



  •      Designed FAMIS extracts and DW tables supporting virtually all federal and State reporting.

  •      Helped develop FAMIS Reporting Requirement supporting multiple levels of responsibility as required.

  •      Mentored junior application development resources.


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